Day by Day

I have to say day by day I can feel myself become calm and breathe more often. I have been telling my self repeatedly that to stress over the littlest of things is not worth it. Take everything one step at a time and enjoy everything that happens good and bad. It is easy to tell yourself one thing, but do the opposite and yet everything good in life is not without some effort on your own part.

I am excited to go back to school I just wish it were sooner. Another month to see the people I have grown to know and cherish as family and friends. Not to mention another month to get started on really kicking myself into gear for my goals. I can not let myself slack off a single once because I need to obtain and surpass expectations that I gave myself. I wont take no for an answer and I will not give up easily. Time to show everyone what I can truly do.

Lastly, I must admit everything to do with you has become “easy”. This is the word I use because even though it is nothing close to the real definition I feel it is appropriate. I feel happy with just taking it how it is and being around you. I am willing to prove to you so much and I hope you are willing to stand by me and take every single step with me to reach where ever we go. I am willing to take the time and effort and like I always say I do not give up. I like the feeling of being your treasure and knowing that I will always have your honesty. <3